Project Name

Digital Innovation Hub

  • PublishedMay 14, 2023
  • Categories Photography
  • Designer Minimalist Architects
  • Contractor Technical Construction Company / Alpha MEP
  • Location Abdali, Amman, Jordan
  • Client Minimalist Architects
Digital Innovation Hub

From the client:

“The work environment is a very important aspect that induces productivity and creativity. The Client wanted to create a workspace environment where the employees would live, create, innovate, and produce. The goal was to achieve a modern chic office space with the flexibility to be fully open and yet partially close.

We located a green well-lit area in the middle of the space (The heart of the project) with a 75m long running track; to encourage the employees to walk/run while working or thinking, and added recreational areas for snacking and playing while working (Healthy body = Healthy Mind). we also created an outdoor terrace for fresh air and we opened the elevations to add panoramic views of old Amman.

To add flexibility to the space, we added foldable partitions that can close off areas of meetings, and we created a circular room, that we chose to call the brainstorming area, where everyone sits around and think.

And since privacy is important; were distributed closed phone booths that allow silence and privacy, one of which was large enough to have a 4 person meeting inside.
and since colors are key players in inducing creativity, we chose fashionable reds, blues, mustard, and greens to give the space a playful, yet formal, vibe.”

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