Matterport Scans

As-Built Documentation for Your Projects
From Physical to Digital in <48 Hours.

By utilizing Matterport's technology, we offer this service to easily create as-built schematic plans for existing structures with up to 99% accuracy. The plans are delivered within 48 hours after scanning the site.

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As-Built Made Easy
Up to 99% Accurate Plans

  • Visualize spaces online, at any time.
  • Make it easier for your clients to visit from anywhere.
  • 95 % of people are more likely to call about properties with virtual tours.
  • Increase sales by 14%.
  • 30 % Less time is needed to complete projects when teams can access a property anytime and form anywhere.
  • Decrease travel time and cost by 50%.
  • Eliminate car and plane travel to operate more sustainably by 16%.
  • 74% of agents using Virtual tours win more listings.

Matterport Scans
Service Packages
For Apartments

JOD 149

Up to 1000 sqm
  • 1x Matterport Scan (Transferred to your Matterport Account)
For Villas

JOD 279

Up to 2000 sqm
  • 1x Matterport Scan (Transferred to your Matterport Account)
  • As-Built Plans for Each Floor (Upon Request)
For Commercial Sites

JOD 119

Per Additional 1000 sqm
  • 1x Matterport Scan Per 1000 sqm (Transferred to your Matterport Account)
  • As-Built Plans per 1000 sqm (Upon Request)
Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, the client is required to create their own account on and subscribe to their Starter Plan (about $12/Month). We will transfer ownership of the final tour to their account as they will have access to additional features available on their platform that they could benefit from.
We will deliver a Matterport virtual tour, transferred to your account on
As of writing this answer (April 2024), this is not possible. You can order additional files for the space, an example would be points cloud (.xyz, or .e57 files) from your Matterport account and at your own expense.
The Matterport Pro 2 device used to scan has an infrared sensor that does not work under sunlight. As such, we can only operate it indoors or at night if scanning an exterior site is required.

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