Matterport Scans

As-Built Documentation for Your Projects
From Physical to Digital in <48 Hours.

By utilizing Matterport's technology, we offer this service to easily create as-built schematic plans for existing structures with up to 99% accuracy. The plans are delivered within 48 hours after scanning the site.

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As-Built Made Easy
Up to 99% Accurate Plans

  • Visualize spaces online, at any time.
  • Make it easier for your clients to visit from anywhere.
  • 95 % of people are more likely to call about properties with virtual tours.
  • Increase sales by 14%.
  • 30 % Less time is needed to complete projects when teams can access a property anytime and form anywhere.
  • Decrease travel time and cost by 50%.
  • Eliminate car and plane travel to operate more sustainably by 16%.
  • 74% of agents using Virtual tours win more listings.

Matterport Scans
Service Packages
For Apartments

JOD 249

Up to 250 sqm
  • 1x Matterport Scan (Transferred to your Matterport Account)
  • 1x As-Built Plan (Upon Request)
For Villas

JOD 399

Up to 800 sqm
  • 1x Matterport Scan (Transferred to your Matterport Account)
  • As-Built Plans for Each Floor (Upon Request)
For Commercial Sites

JOD 199

Per 1000 sqm
  • 1x Matterport Scan Per 1000 sqm (Transferred to your Matterport Account)
  • As-Built Plans per 1000 sqm (Upon Request)

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